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The Earth Statement 

(Konohana Family, a summary)

The Earth Statement is a gift from the times to all humans living on Earth. It has been brought down at the great turning points in terms of the history of humans, the Earth and the universe. This gift is for everyone, so please feel free to share this message with your family and friends.

The Earth Statement
“In order to bring true peace to the Earth”
August 15th, 2015

In order to bring true peace to the Earth, what is the thing we can do now? We can have a broad worldview and transcend the individual ego. When people are trapped in the narrow perspective of the ego, they start to sense a distance in others by differences. That is the beginning of conflicts and wars. However, the world where we exist is infinitely vast and consists of the network of various lives. That network of harmony is based on the fractal structure that the whole exists for the individual and the individual exists for the whole.

The truth of this world is that everything is ONE. Therefore, there is no boundary between everything else and ourselves. If people’s worldview expands in this matter, peace will naturally prevail on Earth without us trying to create a peaceful world.

There is a Chinese character of “Hataraku” in Japanese, which means “work.” However, the true meaning is “make others (Hata) comfortable (Raku).” Working means living in a sense, so living is playing a role in the network beyond us, and contributing to others and the world. Therefore, living is bringing peace to the world.

However, nations prioritize national benefits and individuals prioritize their own benefits, so peace cannot be maintained, from big wars on the national level to small conflicts on the individual level. The cause is a narrow human worldview. Conflicts and wars emerge from the human mind, which prioritizes the ego.

Looking at the history of the evolution of living beings on Earth, six great extinctions occurred in the past 600 million years. According to the statistics, it is said that there is a possibility of another extinction of living beings in the near future. It is humans that have the highest ability and biggest influence of all the earth-dwelling creatures from the past to the present. Human beings, standing atop the earth-dwelling creatures, have a possibility of bringing the next extinction by going out of control — or bringing an advanced world, overcoming the extinction crisis.

We have entered the 21st century and faced some great turning points. The sun orbits the Milky Way galaxy every 226,000,000 years and spirals about 9000 times in the interval. One spiral takes 25,800 years. We had the winter solstice of the galaxy in 25,800 years on December 21st, 2012 and shifted from the times of darkness and conflict to the times of light and harmony.


Moreover, Pluto orbits the Sun every 248 years. In 2008, Pluto made a circuit which led to the end of the Western material civilization that continued for 250 years from the Industrial Revolution. And now, the time has started when the Eastern spiritual civilization will blossom.



We have already entered the stage when each person becomes aware of the truth from the universal viewpoint. Therefore, many people have started to question the traditional values. Values of a new era are required. Each person’s spiritual revolution changes the country and the world. Changing yourself is the beginning of changing the world. That is the universal will and the expression of the cycle of the times. Therefore, all the events that occur at the individual, national and global level are also the universal will and the flow of the times. The perspective needed to read the times in that manner is possible by freeing ourselves from our individual egos and having a broad worldview. Although humans are in a physically small container of the body, we are able to reach a level of consciousness where, ultimately, the whole universe is ourselves.

Humans are going to reach that conscious level within the 21st century. The next 1,000 years is a transitional period from the times to pursue material wealth to the times to tap the hidden abilities inside us. It is the 90% of the human brain that is yet unused which is responsible for that. If the untapped ability sleeping inside of us blossoms, the intuition to sense the universal will and the flow of the times, will work and it will enable us to understand the universe without leaving the Earth. The possibility of technology to explore the universe will expand greatly there. We are able to evolve with high spirituality in addition to modern technology and material wealth as those who live in a new era.

The 21st century is the beginning of the times when we humans have consciousness as an Earth being and as a universal being, and contribute to this world. Now, we are facing the turning point at which we will either trigger the next extinction for earth-living beings, or will create a new era. When humans express the spirituality the next era indicates, peace will prevail on Earth.



Human History is Just a Moment from Universal Time. Let`s Compare the 13.7 Billion-Year Universal History to One Earth Year!

 Jan. 1st   Big Bang (13.7 billion years ago)

Jan. 13th   Birth of the First Galaxy

May 13th   Birth of the Milky Way Galaxy (10 billion years ago)

Aug. 31st   Birth of the Solar System and the Earth, (4.6 billion years ago)

Sep. 1st  Birth of the Moon

Oct. 21st   Electricity was generated at the core of the earth and magnetic fields were generated (2.7 billion years ago)

Dec.18th   The ozone layer was generated and ultraviolet rays were blocked, which completed preparation for lives to evolve on land (500 million years ago)

Dec.25th   Birth of Dinosaurs (230 million years ago)

Dec.30 th   Extinction of Dinosaurs (65 million years ago)

Dec.31st, 23:52:19   Birth of Homo Sapience, (200,000 years ago)

If the 4.6 Billion-Year History of Earth is Compared to One Earth Year ... Magnetic fields block harmful solar winds! Do you know this?

The diameter of the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years! That is, it takes 100,000 years for the light to go from one edge to the other of the galaxy. It is said there are more than 100 billion galaxies with the same size as the Milky Way Galaxy in the universe.

Calendar of the Universe Galaxies repeatedly impacted and merged, and expanded gradually--

The ebb and flow of the tides were generated throughout the seas on earth, which offered an opportunity life to emerge.


Jan. 1st   Birth of the Earth

Feb. 9th   Seas were generated (4.1 billion years ago)

Feb. 26th   Birth of Primitive Lives in the Seabed (3.8 billion years ago)

Mar. 29th   Birth of Procaryotes (3.5 billion years ago) Bacteria was increasing

Jun. 1st   Cyanobacteria which photosynthesized emerged and began to emit oxygen (2.7 billion years ago)

Jul. 18th   Birth of Eucaryotes with a cell nucleus which can incorporate vast gene information (2.1 billion years ago)

Aug. 3rd   Birth of the First Supercontinent “Nena” (1.9 billion years ago)

Sep. 28th   Birth of Multicellular Organisms (1.2 billion years ago). From the Beginning to the Middle of Nov. Repetition of Global Freezing and Warming

Nov. 17th   Mass Extiction. Extinction of Large Multicellular Organisms

Nov. 20th   Birth of Fish (540 million years ago)

Nov. 28th   Plants and Arthropods rose onto the land(420 million years ago)

Dec. 2nd   Mass Extinction Deoxygenated Oceans and Cooling?

Dec. 3rd   Expansion of Big Forests (350 million years ago) Calendar of the Earth. It was a burning fire ball where it was impossible for lives to exist.

The Earth grew through repeated impacts and merging with other astronomical bodies, and a part which shattered due to a giant impact hardened and became the moon.

Thanks to this impact, the axis of the earth tilted, and later four seasons were generated on earth.Water vapor which circulated in the burning air became rain and fell down on earth while its surface cooled down gradually.Oxygen in the air increased Repeated Mass Extinction, Emission of oxygen, which was highly poisonous for lives at that time, brought about dramatic changes to the environment. On one hand, it brought about mass extinction, and on the other hand some kinds of lives evolved dramatically by being able to take in sunlight through photosynthesis. In this manner, the basis of the current ecosystem which circulates with solar energy as a driving force, was established. Since then, mass extinctions of lives have occurred repeatedly on earth.

We have not clearly figured out the reasons yet, but it is certain that some dramatic changes occurred globally, and some new kinds replaced mainstream lives, adjusted themselves to a new environment, and achieved a big evolution at each extinction.

Big environmental changes have accelerated biological evolution. The Worst Environmental Pollution in the History of Earth Continents repeatedly integrated and divided since then.

Dec. 12th   Worst Mass Extinction in History Deoxygenated Oceans?  Extinction of More than 90% of lives

Dec. 13th  Beginning of the Dinosaur Era

Dec. 15th   Mass Extiction. Drop in sea level?

Dec. 19th   Birth of Birds (150 million years ago)

Dec. 26th   Mass Extiction.   A giant meteorite impacted on earth

Dec. 30th   Japanese Islands were separated from the continent and established (15 million years ago)

Dec. 31st  10:40   Birth of the First Ape – Men (7 million years ago)

                    23:37           Birth of Homo Sapience

                   23:59:26       Sumerian Civilization

                   23:59:58       Industrial Revolution

                  23:59:59.994  Beginning of the Year of 2016 *

There are some theories about when each event occurred. So many civilizations have occurred in the last 34 seconds. The Eastern and Western civilizations switch between prosperous and preparatory periods every 800 years, described as a double helix and proceed together with time. (Reference: The 1600-year Civilization Cycle Theory by Misao Murayama)

It is the same as when the earth spirals around the sun and moves together with the other planets. World convulsions have surely occurred in the transitional period of civilizations. It is the same structure as DNA! Calendar of the Earth


Lets expand and look at the recent 800 years!

The Era is a Life in Itself. The Era has Four Seasons. A year has four seasons. Plants sprout in spring, grow richly in summer, bear seeds in autumn, sleep silently to save energy in winter, and sprout again in spring. It is a new spring which is different from last year’s.

Plants store experiences such as the condition of the soil and climate changes as information in seeds. They have evolved for one cycle, and have begun a new spring.

Looking at the flow of human civilization over the past 7000 years, we can see that there is

such a cycle. It is very similar to the transition of the four seasons on earth. Interestingly, as the north and south hemisphere shift seasons every half year and weave a cycle, the Eastern and Western civilizations face flourishment and declination alternatively every 800 years, described as

a double helix, and move forward along with time. Now that the era has shifted from the 20th

century to the 21st century, we are in a transitional period. Under the Western civilization, humans have developed scientific thinking, expanded physical abundance, and led the world in the past 800 years. Replacing that, the era has begun when humans live according to the system of nature, and explore a spiritual abundance. This means that the Eastern civilization will bloom at this time.

The Cycle of Pluto

Pluto orbits the sun on the outermost position of the solar system every 248 years. It is the planet which carries or der from the outer universe into the solar system. Its cycle interlocks with th

e flow of the era on earth. Pluto has entered a new cycle in 2008, just when the Eastern and Western civilizations switched flourishment and declination. In 1760, which was the beginning of the previous cycle, the Industrial Revolution occurred. Comparing the history of earth to one year, it is just two seconds from the Industrial Revolution to the modern era. Human society has experienced unprecedentedly rapid changes in these two seconds. Various technical revolution has made massive production and consumption possible. Moreover, material abundance has brought about explosive population increase. Also, energy consumption has increased and our environment has been damaged one after another. On top of that, technological evolution has made massive wars . People have competed against each ot her and developed economic growth. As a result, we have generated a huge monetary economy (money exchanges on PC such as stocks and currency exchanges without providing real goods and services) which is considered to be 100 times inflated of the real economy. Based in the minds of humans is I lack something” and “I want more.” In 2008, when Pluto made one circuit from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the collapse of Lehman Brothers occurred. The market, which seemed to continue to grow, collapsed like a house of cards, and fell into a big confusion. In 2016, the UK had a referendum to leave EU and Mr. Donald Trump won the American Presidential election. The world has been wavering greatly. This 248-year flow of the era was generated in the UK and expanded in the US. The entire world followed it, but it seems like it has marked an end finally.

Reflecting on the history, world convulsions have surely occurred which seem to destroy old values in the transitional period of the Eastern and Western civilizations. The current confusion indicates the arrival of a new era which has a totally different value from the conventional one.