Let us eliminate all the stubborned Imaginations and ideas as well as the selfclinging of the whole world

If, from my viewpoint, something is wrong or it seems a mistake, I should not critizise and judge, nor should I reproach s.o. If I really think so, I should at first examine, if I am the one, who may judge, kritizise or reproach.

The imaginations of men are something stubborne. When we were born, probably it was`nt so, but, by the time imaginations come in, we take them as a standard, test them often, dozens a time, and, if there is comeing out the same result, we make the error to think: that result is right, because I have ptoved it very often and it was always the same.

I think, we should, before we tackle (judge), check up carefully our own imaginations, because they become the base, if we something examine, really good check, standing in the „Zero-Position“.

The stubborn of other people, I can see easily. It goes so far, that we see stubborn, where actually is none. The own stubborn is like the own body odour, you don`t realize. And if I have only a few stubborne imaginations, I become the one, who has the disadvantage and the after- effect impair the others.

The very first, my own selfishnes, my own sellf-interest, my own stubborn imaginations, to get rid of them, and not only stop there, but more than ever by absolutely eleminating the stubboreness, the self- interests and selfclinging out of the hole world, the true happiness will be lead into. As long as I do not go rid of stubboreness and selfclinging, I am the one at the end, who suffers.

Men cannot live together in the same world, as long as they have bad relationships. From this point on, the scion of misfortune spreads out in the world. Let uns eradicate the own selfclinging, that goes without saying, and the selfclinging of the whole world at the beginning of all.

Let us spread out this, into the world, very quick, with high velocity.

Dictated by M.Yamagishi