.The principle of the Love and the Truth,

the Principle of the Balance


Translation from Japanese


If you look at the phenomenons of the universe and nature, so they are stable by the balance of the stars, including the universe, heavenly bodies, sun, earth, moon etc.

In fact, neither the sun nor the earth, nor some star is bound to some fixed, to some unmovable. They all are only widespread in the universe and though they didn't have no fixed place and positions, no fixed path, they have nearly correct rotations in time and distance, circulations etc. and correct rhythmic movements.

I do think, because there is within this unstable situation the stable situation at all, it is, why by mutual attraction forces, magnetic forces or some effect, the balance can be held.

Since the creation of the universe, there were made among each other neither measurements of force nor contracts, and it seems, each has found his own place by the effect of interrelation with the others, without awareness. It means, although there are no agreements, conventions, regulations instructions or even a leadership or not yet harmonizing standards, which have to be observed, there is not the lowest deviation. Although there is no promise, they can keep the balance.

I do think, that just this intrinsic truth of being able to keep balance, is the incommensurability borderlessness and formlessness effect of love. This correct principle of balance is called the principle of love too, or the true principle ((absolute) truth).

Love is true. The true is love. Truth is love. You can call it great love, endless love, absolute love, true love. I think, you can call so the effect of the mechanism (balance), which holds the balance from all in the universe, including the human beings.

All is subsisting by the effect of love: Magnetism, electrical energies, forces of attraction, material and formless things, like gaseous matters and liquid matters, solid bodies etc., including matters and effects, which till now could not yet sufficient cleared. And even the inanimated nature, which seems to be without will and awareness. And I do think each of them has his own natural will. Abilities in principle, manifest by the effect of the love.

What correlates the principle of the infinite love, it means the absolutely love, that is the truth, what accords to the love, that is true.

Love is without appearance, without color, without shadow, without sound, without warmth, without light, she is neither cold nor hot. She acts always, everywhere, in all and forever.

She is without self and without thoughts, she is forceless, without borders and weightless. She is the absolute force. She is neither sun nor star nor moon, not the earth, flowers or human beings. But she is nothing other than these. She is neither will nor eagerness nor idea. There are no difference in size and weight. She is without „ I myself and other“, without emotions (happiness and sadness), without thoughts, without mind, without demarcation, without discrimination.

If there are borders, that is the small love or no love. If you make demarcations, pain, harm and loneliness will arise. Because you make demarcations, you try to protect them and it is impossible to melt with the others. It means, one creates borders oneself. In this creating by oneself sticks selflove, little love.

I do think, that absolutely all things and all human beings persist by the absolute love. From this connection, nothing can separate themselves. It is the truth, that it is unsolvable. The world of truth holds all in balance, it means, it is the love per se. Love and truth are the same, something that you cannot see, something, that you cannot feel. Only by the movements of the appearances, you can recognize it. It is the right, the absolute. The right balance, the right love, how ever you call it, it is the absolute, and all, correlates not to this principle, is wrong.

All, what is deviating from these principles, even if it looks at first, as it would persist, is truly something what is built up upon mistakes and therefore one supplies something, in reality not existing, as if it exist. In such a case it happens, that it seems pleasant, but one cannot be happy, that one, although if something seems stable, one feel fear; one makes harmful and painful experiences or feelings of hate and envy arise. These all comes from the mistake, to be deviated from the principle of balance. How it would be, if earth and sun would come out of balance? What would happen, if the balance of attractions and of the magnetic forces of the earth would be troubled?

Would there exist any human being, if the balance of air, water, animals and plants collapse

If the right balance within the human society, between children and parents, between husband and wife is teared? Can we tell thereto genuine married couple? Can we tell, that those are parents and children, who accords to the principle of balance? Can we tell, that this is a stable world, in which men live together in cooperation?

Anyway, how ever you establish hard rules, how unchangeable conventions you contract, even if you think, you have promised to each other the marriage far in excess of death, if there is to feel only a little suffering, hate or fear, even if you think that the world of human imaginations is faultless, I do think, the reason, that comes up such a result is, to oppose the truth, to oppose the principle of love, to oppose the principle of balance.

The individual cannot exist for his own. To think, it is the individual for its own, there is a balance, the balance with the other individuals. The effect of the relationship to the others, this is the stoppage in thinking, but with something it is in balance. Something invisible. That is the love, something sprouting out of this love, these are the emotions.

If you do not let circulate the electricity, you do not feel the both poles, although plus and minus exist and hold the balance. How unbounded warmth might be buffered, one doesn't know a little bit, if there is or not. Love has no temperature and no light too and you cannot realize the dimension of the force gathering momentum. She is like the silence itself, you do not realize it, that some is there.

Love, you cannot see so simple, she is not to feel. She is neither something warm nor some cold. Even if you connect a light bulp, a radio or well doing TV directly to the battery, you have no effect and one do not know, if there is electricity or not. Love by itself, you cannot recognize.

Sympathy is the consequence of the apparentness of love, and so, like you find out with the electricity by equipment, ampere meter, electric light, by the motor or the electric waves, which demonstrate the effect of the electricity, you find out the existence from electricity and current, you can experience love by facial expression, attitude, words and doings, you feel her existence.

I do think, that without fail, all things and all humans exist by the absolute love. But if it goes about the manifestation, the condition, how she appears in the emotions, are different in everybody. There is the circumstance of stagnancy without apparentness. But I think, that one cannot tell, that there is no love, because one cannot see because one cannot feel. Like you cannot see the attraction, the magnetic force etc. You cannot say that there are no forces. If you think, that there is no love, no sympathy, that is in moments, when the expression of the love or the flow of love stagnates, but love exists everywhere, always, and in all. People often say, they love somebody, but it is not because they love, for love is within the existence. It means, she expresses itself in feelings. One becomes aware of love in that moment, when hearts come together and you can realize it interdependent. So, if you express love with words, than you say I love....I am in love..., I am longing for...., I always think on.... This here named being fond of, is not the contrary of not like, but it is a being fond of all things and all human beings,is a being fond of all.

M. Yamagishi