Refusial is the sharpes sword, you have pushed into your heard. If you do not know, how to handle, it will kill you at least. If you are able to excerpt it, it will be a little bit painful, but if you let it be, it will destroy your whole happy life and you will die unsatisfied. A man without refusial sails over the ocean of the life and reaches pointpoint his aim, the saving harbour, always looking, that no water comes into the boat.
Refusial is the seed in those soil in which grows worry, rage and hate and at least war. All and always it begins with rejection. Mostly it happens very sublime, inperceptively, step ba step. Because a drop of water ist water as well. You will realize it first, if you need words, if you criticise..
Within our soziety criticism is at a high level and well respected an a detractor has a high range. But criticism always comes from refusion. Now she has nested into your brain.
With awareness you qualify yourself to normalize yourself. Please be aware, look to the beginning. As soon as you realize refusion, embrace it with your love and put them into your cellar and lock it. Do`nt refuse it or hate it, because she is a part of you. May be it comes back and finds the key. Repeat the procedure. Step by step it will become more and more simple, but she never will disappear compleatly, she is a part of you. Refusion is a sprout of material thinking. This kind of thinking has generated our society of today, im which imparity, suppression, destruction of the environment and at least wars are celebrated. Awareness is the key for your and world`s salvation.