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This Homepage was built to let you know, that it is possible, to realize a new and stable human society.   On the base of humanity. 

This society will be realized indeed, with or without you.


 We shall try to show you the way: (step by step this homepage will be completed) It demands your whole personality, the whole human being. So, it will not be easy to understand.

First:       If I change..... world will change. This very only thing you have to do, that`s finally all.

This step very easy, indeed, but it is the most difficult too.

This quantum jump in thinking is called the intellectual revolution and will change the whole world rootedly. Without force!

The miracle of awareness. From the base of your heart. If you want to do this step, please visit the TOKKOH, this course is a significant help. In English: Contact kengaku@ict.ne.jp   otherwise:  info@menschlich-leben.com

Or www.tokkoh.ch

No might of the world is like the thought, his time has come.



An Invitation to the course TOKKOH in English

You want to know what Tokkoh is?

T O K K O H – a week into a wondering land!

A week that showed me the meaning and pleasure of my life, my place and my role in society and gave me the practical tools to implement them. Tokkoh, a wonderful experience! A week beyond any logic, far from believing or doubting, an unbelievingly practical event without explanations, teachers or lecturers! In short; a heart opening week beyond any material value!

What can you experience through TOKKOH: Enjoy a week, come home and experience that everything has become lighter and warmer, get to know yourself in a way that you never thought possible. Learn how to consciously reprogram your subconscious towards harmony with your own true nature. Realize why your present society system does not work satisfactory. Realize how to prevent or dissolve conflicts, in and out of yourself. Experience what freedom and equality really means in your daily life, not only for you, but although for your fellow human being as well as your children. Learn to distinguish between the appearing world and the real one.

In TOKKOH there are no teachers or lecturers, it is an unbelievably practical week during which you yourself, with the support of all participants, will be able to take steps that you never thought possible. All the people caring TOKKOH have experienced it themselves, they do it for free because they want to give this one week chance that leads to our own heart, to as many people as possible. Everyone can go forward in Tokkoh, independent from your present standpoint. How far you will get, depends on your own personal aim and your dedication. (Impression from Franca, 29J)

 Necessities: clothes, Pyjama, Toilettries. Laundry is available.

 Interest? contact www.tokkoh.ch or write to info@menschlich-leben.com

Next courses:  (English; in New Zealand)

or in Japan Contact: g-press@yamagishi.or.jp

live humanly .... what does that mean?

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On this homepage you will find suggestions on how a human life can become very personal rights for all people. They are thoughts, certain of all rights and laws that relate to being human.
From different perspectives, such as B. B.

What kind of life do we live in today?

Had we lost it, and what other perceptions do we humans use?

How does our brain work and think?

and what are the prerequisites in which human life only began?

Today there are many many that we humans have acquired over time in order to know. They have become the basis of your life. To name only a few serious circumstances for a human life:

the equal conditions for human life are no longer given:

1. The job placement with (possible) food,

2. with clean water, clean air,

3. with humane living space,

4. With an intact nature that produced healthy foods.

5. Social relationships are torn. Healthy communities, in which young and old can live together and also shape their cultural life together, are big ones.

Instead, industry and administration have taken the helm and determine our entire life according to market policy terms. It was part of the fact that we have people who belong to us, and also our way of thinking that we have. We have gone from being a community to being an individual. Because the community home is lacking, the individual must be on guard against other individuals. Is called: 

Demarcation with all its nuances
Possessiveness and fear of losing it again,
Anger, hatred, jealousy etc.
Ambition to want to (have to) be better than others,
the mindset of having to achieve fame, prestige, power etc.
Egocentricity with all its blossoms,
blind belief in my abilities, my knowledge, my perceptions,
Pressure to adapt to which we submit (out of fear).
Discontent arises within people. How can there be peace on the outside? As long as we do not change our way of thinking, as long as we do not free ourselves from our companions (self-liability) who determine our life, we live i. d. Usually an externally determined, functional life in strife, also with nature.

This homepage is all about the real human being and the real shape of human society. In the various chapters, the topics addressed here are examined for their truthfulness with the focus on real human life, which will ultimately lead to the construction of a human society for all people on earth.

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To live humanly means:

The basic needs, such as healthy food, clean water, clean air and a comfortable home, are available to all people in such quantities that it is not worthwhile to stock up.

It goes without saying that everyone can live in a community in which the physical, mental and social health of the people is taken care of and which takes care of all social and cultural levels.

In the community there is no one who stands higher or who makes rules, who judges or condemns, who forces other people to act.

All people are the same, the only difference is their name.

All action in the community is based on voluntariness.

Decisions are made by everyone together, e.g. B. with Kensan.

The basis and prerequisite for a human life is the heart, which is able to think of others and wants to live in friendship with everyone and everything. This heart is laid out in every person, in some people it is only hidden.

You can find out how to push the curtain aside and rediscover your heart on the following pages. Whoever wants to find will find.

By freedom we want to understand that freedom

in which everyone can do what they want,

without others in their freedom

to hinder or limit.


You mean that is not possible at all? And what do you think of the following text?

The world is aiming at a great change affecting all human beings. Our material, political and cultural life will change fundamentally in the near future. For a long time many people have been looking for new ways, because they feel that this materially oriented abundance is a pure world of illusions that can not have a future. Because they feel that this society, which is based on competition, on separation, exploitation and oppression, that is, on untruths, is at break.

The coming society is built on humanity. This is the truth: a society which all human beings desire at the bottom of their hearts, because our true self, our divine core, always seeks truth.

This homepage is a practical way to show you this stable human society, embedded in the world of true facts.
Since the texts and insights described here can only be truly understood by practicing. Thus they may be understood and practiced as a practical guide to the attainment of the new human society.

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On different places in the world, they began to change over it.

 This new human society, war and the destruction of the environment is no longer on.

This new human society, all people are wish for, there is no chief and no slave and all people can live happy and content in material prosperity.

This new human society has detached from material thinking and our existing democratic structures developed further. Nowadays, in our democeatic countries, 49% of the voters can be incapacitated! Our existing community is truly not a home for all human beings. There are very poor and very rich peoples, living in the same town. How is it possible?

This intellectual revolution will enforce soon and leads to the organisation of the true world, all human beings waiting for. Love, compassion and mindfulness will lead mankind from the existing high level of development even more high.

 I believe, that there is an ideal that floats over the earth, all is interfused from it: the ideal of the “Paradise”, the real truth. Allover the world this spirit of Paradise is alive, is singing the music of happiness pulsing in all things of Creation, in the beauty of a face, in the richness of human love, in the happiness of a butterfly in the sun of springtime. Allover the world, this spirit is alive and lets sound his voice. It reaches our inner ear without knowing that. It intones our harp of live and open our heart like the sun the blossom of the flowers.

 If I change my thinking....... world will change.

 Our existing world is the world of material thinking – looking for fame, honor, opulence, for more and more -, this material thinking closes my heart, its lake the water estinguishing my flame.

 In the following pages you can find the concrete steps to verify this human society.

 This homepage has been developed under assistance and with the experience hundreds of peoples. Like all, nothing is originally from me. Gratirude to all ancients, parents, teacher and spiritual aid. Our children and following generations are our extension. They will represent the coming generation and typify it. Let us precede and let us give them all we are able to give.

If you have recognized, you will take action.


 If I change,...                   world will change!

 Think of all thouse Problems, the world continues to face: society, economy, environment, wars....

Is it possible to solve them all? Is it possible to live in PEACE AND HAPPINESS FOR ALL MANKIND?

Is it possible to solve your own questions to become a happy human being?

 I think, that humankind is capable to solve all these problems and is capable to realize a happy society for all, utilizing the intellect that humankind have. I Think, you are capable, to become happy.

 If you change your thinking...........               world will change!



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From "Passage zur Mondwelt"

by M. Yamagishi, (1960)

 "People think too much - they think too complicated.

When you think about two things at the same time, it becomes difficult.

When thinking about something, one should simply separate and disassemble first and simplify the focus of thinking on one thing.

It is important not to mix up your own ideas and those of others.

Especially when thinking about something new, one should not interfere with one's own old ways of thinking, theories and the like. (Do not judge)

If you try something new that you have never eaten before, you should not make judgments about something from the past, not leave the taste that you once tasted on your tongue or judge spicy, sweet, sour, etc. .

When it comes to something completely new, it is important to try it impartially. It's something you don't know until you've tried it. One should simply taste the individual taste without comparing the taste.

When you hear that the whole world becomes a friendly, happy world, in which money and possessions are unnecessary, if there is too complicated thinking, then there are perhaps people who ruthlessly reject it as something that is absolutely impossible. Isn't there any way of thinking being switched on and thinking far too complicated?

Even the sparrows on the roofs or the butterflies dancing over the rape blossoms chirp and dance around freely and happily, without having any money, without drawing any rigid boundaries. They don't seem to be asserting rights or feeling duties.

Why do you think people who have excellent intelligence and abilities must fence and tie themselves firmly with rights and duties? 

In the friendly, cheerful village, where money is not necessary, food, clothing and housing are all free. There is no compensation or award. You can use the food or clothes that are available in this village for free, as you need, what you need, as much as you want. Whether fish or fruit, you can take them off the counter and eat as much as you like. Beefsteak, chips or fillets are a matter of course, you can drink wine to your heart's content and eat the most delicious desserts as you please. A suitable house for living in a house in which one would like to live. It is possible to live in any house.

Originally nothing belonged to anyone, everything can be used by whoever. You can use everything for free and freely. That is something we take for granted.

Nobody frowns and talks about rights and duties with a reproachful look. Nor is anyone treated as a thief or accused of theft. There are neither ordinances that compel people to work, nor are there overseers. You sleep when you want to sleep and you get up when you want to get up. It is the village that corresponds to real human life, where you play happily day in and day out and what you can do, then do it when you want to and soon the whole world will be like that.

We think such a life is better, how do you think it is?

Is there anyone who doesn't like this?

I want to ask each and every one of them.

One should think about it in peace. If there is someone who doesn't like this, I would like to ask them why.

If there are people who want to live this kind of life, I think they should give it a try. "

Are you very surprised when you hear that there are communities and villages in different countries around the world, the largest with over 600 inhabitants, who want to realize such a world step by step? And that for over 50 years!

I will be happy to give you the addresses of these villages.

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